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Hi all, In 2022 I cycled 2350km from Amsterdam to Alicante to raise money for the Usher Syndrome Foundation. My motivation for this biketrip was my daughter Eleyna. Unfortunately she has Usher Syndrome, a genetic condition causing deafblindness. At this moment there is no treatment available. It was a physical demanding, challenging and emotional biketrip. But also a beautiful experience and gave me some peace of mind. I had the feeling I am at least trying to do something about the whole situation. I was very pleased with the support I received from family, friends, colleagues, media and that I was able to spread the word. Also I reached my financial goal and raised over €26.500 for the Usher Syndrome Foundation. Unfortunately there is a need for much more money to develop a medicine and stop the process of deafblindness. Therefore my fight against Usher will not stop. In the spring of 2024 I will get on my bike again and cycle from San Diego to Jacksonville. A 4200km trip from the west coast to the east coast. Again I need your support to keep my dream alive that my daughters life will not get dark and silent. Every kind of support will be much appreciated, thanks. A proud but also scared and restless father. Tim Instagram: cycling_for_usher


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